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Dresses In Style
  • Ideas About The School Dress Code

    Just days before, there was a hot topic that bra straps of the school girls are distracting. I think I have some ideas to put forward. I am now teaching the students how to dress up appropriately in the classroom. However, there seems usually a lot of gender biases about dealing with the dress code…

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  • Albright Collaborated With the School

    It has been 10 years since the Albright Fashion Library went into operation. For those that you may not know, I may tell you that the Albright Fashion Library has about 20000 pieces of collection of clothes and accessories. The collection started in 1970s and the founder is Irene Albright. These collection was born out of the stylists’ necessity to get the unique designer samples in order to make their their marks in the biz. On one night in March, they celebrated the big 1-0 with a great exhibition at The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Then I will tell you something about the exhibition. Ten select celebrity fashion dressed the model in the designer names opted from the Albright Fashion Library from head to toe. There were many special stylists. For example, you can see a Fashion Fights Back favorite, Mary Alice Stephenson, Kathryn Neale, Patti Wilson, Freddie Leiba and any others. It is said by Patti Wilson that it was really so lucky and of great fun to be able to go to Albright. He told us he felt so free to play with the clothes because there was no need to think of the certain client or shoot. Of course, you cannot miss the most exciting moment about the event. The special moment is that Albright Fashion Library collaborated with The Fashion Institute of Technology. It was really a good news for the FIT students because they would have exclusive access to these delicate fashion for their school fashion. It is such a good thrilled news that industry leaders and the Albright  Fashion Library are making ways for those fashion influences with ambitions.

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  • Jodie’s Amazing Wedding Dress

    The big day of Jodie and Dan is so special. Jodie has kept everything simple but paired and it looks so effective. It is a wedding in Cripps Stone Barn and we have captured lots of special weddings there and everyone in the wedding is so different. Although they were involved in every step of…

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  • Elegant Traditional Wedding Gowns

    Of course the fashionable wedding gowns can catch the eyes at the first time. However, if you want your dress stand the test of time, an elegant traditional wedding gowns may be a good choice. These gowns are usually black and ivory and made of the traditional fabric like lace or satin. Then I will…

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  • How to Dress for A Formal Party
    How to Dress for A Formal Party

    The dress in any formal occasion can be semi-formal, formal, white-tie or black-tie. It is better for you to check whether it formulates the type of the wear when you are invited to a formal event or party. If the invitation does not formulate anything about the formal event, you should still obey some rules.…

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  • How to Change the Look of a Prom Dress

    Some simple additions to the old dress can make the dress looks like a brand new outfit. Decorating a plain black dress with royal blue satin sleeves and a matching sash can help to draw people’s attention. If you want to turn a demure white dress into a glorious one, you can add some appliques…

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  • How to Make a Prom Dress Better

    If you want to wear a dress to take part in the party, but there are some factors that you are not so pleased with. Do not be upset about this, and I will provide you some ways to turn a simple dress into one that you are fond of. You can change your dress…

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  • Great Choice for Sherri Hill Homecoming Dresses
    Great Choice for Sherri Hill Homecoming Dresses

    If your still make budget at finding perfect homecoming dresses for you following parties. Just look at these wonderful choices in the following homecoming dresses under$ 200! We have all style designer products from Shirley Hill, Dave and Johnny and Shail k, accompanied by many people. We chose our current favorites to display a variety…

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